GPGR is a technical organisation with the following objectives, as stipulated in its  articles of association :

-       Study all types of initiatives that aim to improve production, packaging, promotion or sale of the royal jelly produced by its members.

-       Participate/ascertain representation in organisations and committees that have the potential to bolster these initiatives and/or develop the beekeeping sector overall.

GPGR has established various committees to ascertain these objectives are met and provides support to beekeepers who wish to begin production by providing them with technical assistance , training programm or via the training documents.

GRF label

GPGR is also the holder of a GRF-Gelée Royale Française® label which enables differentiation on the market, in particular via a royal jelly produced in accordance with ISO 12824 type 1, as opposed to that which is imported or produced by other French beekeepers. All GPGR members can in turn make use of the label when promoting their products. GPGR also uses this label to inform consumers about the products available and those they will purchase via our members. In short, GPGR is an organisation that serves the needs both of producers and consumers.

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