What are the advantages of purchasing royal jelly produced by GPGR members ?

We could simply tell you that you will not find better than GRF-Gelée Royale Française® but this seems too easy. So here are its assets in detail :

Obtain a high-quality product :

  • Jelly obtained without feeding with sugar
  • Jelly that is not frozen – freeze dried – mixed
  • Jelly stored at temperatures between +2°C and +5°C : its properties are preserved !
  • Stringent quality standards enabling to obtain a high-quality product whether production is organic or not
  • It is forbidden to treat the hives during the production period – should this prove necessary they are removed from the process

Limit environmental impact thanks to :

  • French production, which thus limits the carbon footprint due to transport but also has positive repercussions on the local economy by preserving jobs and via direct purchase from the beekeeper !
  • The elimination of toxic products used for hive treatment, hive smoking, etc.

Purchase a controlled and traceable product :

  • Producers are inspected by GPGR employees who are themselves audited by an independent quality control organisation: Bureau Veritas.
  • Product traceability: from the producer to the consumer thanks to pots bearing a unique number.

Obtain a marketing advantage :


  • Once the first purchase has been made you will have the possibility of being displayed on the map of France  which is consulted by many customers
  • We will be able to relay your information pertaining to royal jelly on our social networks
  • You will have access to numerous marketing solutions: posters, flyers, brochures. Point of Sale (PoS) advertising such as a brochure display or shelf eye-catchers

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