Why start producing royal jelly ?

Royal jelly production often proves intimidating due to its sustained rhythm (keeping to a regular schedule) and technical expertise required (which like many other things simply needs to be learnt!) although it presents numerous assets !

Royal jelly production enables to diversify one’s beekeeping activity. If honey production proves less abundant than expected, jelly ascertains another source of income: on average, jelly provides 43% of our members’ turnover.

It is less dependent on weather conditions: you will always succeed in producing royal jelly. Should the weather prove unfavourable, you can always get the process back on track with extra honey and pollen.

Production requires specific know-how and rigorous organisation. But once acquired, work adheres to a precise and recurring schedule which is both serene and reassuring.

Producing royal jelly is less strenuous than honey. There are fewer frames to carry and so the work is less physically demanding.

The initial investment is lower and the enterprise rapidly becomes profitable.

Royal jelly retail price provides a good and relatively steady source of income (in particular due to lower weather-related risks). This has enabled several beekeepers to stay in business.

Royal jelly can be stored for up to 18 months in the refrigerator (in accordance with our quality standards) so there is no rush to sell your produce.

Consumers are increasingly seeking for quality products: demand for royal jelly produced under the GRF-Gelée Royale Française® label is on the rise from year to year. You are certain to find a buyer.

Finally, depending on the size of your enterprise, you may be able to create employment for a seasonal worker who will help with the various steps in the production process.

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Should we (GPGR producers) be asked to provide a word of advice, we would say that there is plenty of room for everyone and that royal jelly harvesting can very well be carried out in parallel with honey production. Indeed, we are far from producing the tonnage of royal jelly consumed in France and only a few beekeepers have specialised solely in royal jelly production.

Finally, we would also emphasise that the qualities required to succeed are patience, perseverance, attention to detail, precision, order, care, cleanliness and a rigorous approach to work organisation.

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