How to join GPGR ?

The application procedure only takes place once per year. In accordance with the articles of association, it is not possible join GPGR at any time of year as is the case with other organisations.

Cover letter

The minimum requirement for applicants is registration with the national agricultural health system [cotisant solidaire status in France]. You also need prior experience with royal jelly. We fervently recommand to try royal jelly production before the inscription : personal experience, seasonal, training. Following CFPPA training is a plus. Should you fulfil these requirements, you may send a cover letter to the GPGR executive director outlining the reasons for wanting to join the organisation and describing your project. This letter must be dated prior to 15th August.

Application pack

Upon receipt of this letter, you will be sent an application pack which will need to be returned together with the documents required (MSA document), prior to 1st October. Under no circumstances shall application packs be sent out without having first received the cover letter or if your experience is insufficient at this moment.

Board of directors

The application is then examined by the board of directors who confirm whether it fulfils all the requirements. You will be contacted by an administrator who will inform you of the board of directors’ decision and to discuss the subsequent steps. Your project may not be accepted because it is simply not deemed to be sufficiently mature. This does not mean that you have been turned down definitively but simply that your application has been postponed.

General meeting

Once everything is in order, you will be convened to our general meeting held during the first week of December. Your attendance is mandatory in order to acquire membership. You will be able to meet and interact with other members and this meeting is also the moment when your application is submitted to all the members in order to obtain their approval. You will have the opportunity to get recommendations and first-hand tips from your peers which you will be able to implement the following year.

Subscription fees

The members have now approved your application during the general meeting: great news! As is the case with all organisations, you are required to pay a subscription fee. The latter evolves with your status. As a new member (college 3), subscription amounts to 388€ for a year. Once you have been certified (after the general meeting next the control), you may begin using the GRF-Gelée Royale Française® label and you change college (college 1). Your subscription then amounts to 490€ + 12.50€ / kg produced. In both cases, the costs of the next general meeting (Tuesday midday to Thursday midday including one technical session) are included for one person (full board).

Should you have any requests or questions, do not hesitate to contact our team of GPGR employees

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