Royal jelly production

Royal jelly production requires rigour and compliance with a stringent schedule: one day too early or too late and all the hours of hard work go to waste.
The production technique relies on a bee colony feeling orphaned. This state triggers enhanced secretion of this enriched larvae royal jelly broth by young bees known as ‘nurses’.

The four production steps



The larvae from a frame are placed in artificial royal cells


Insertion in the hive

The frame containing the artificial cells with the larvae are placed in the orphan hive



The frame is removed from the hive three days later


Extraction of the jelly

The jelly is extracted from the cells and filtered. A new cycle can then begin

Royal jelly producers’ technical handbook

All production is carried out in compliance with our quality standards.
For more general information, please do not hesitate to visit this page.
To delve deeper into the details of production, please consult the royal jelly producers’ technical published by GPGR. This technical handbook will provide you with all the information required to set up a royal jelly production workshop.

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