Why join GPGR ?

To acquire knowledge concerning the product and the impact of the production process.

To acquire theoretical and practical knowledge thanks to technical documents, participate in our training programmes to become familiar with the initial steps or obtain more in-depth insight, take part in study trips and interact during general meetings or within the framework of committees.

To access a specific strain and reap the benefit of constant research so as to renew one’s bee population and maintain steady production quantities.

To create or make available specific solutions, whether it be for technical or communication purposes, which thus help optimise production and sales respectively.

To benefit from communication resources such as the GPGR consumer website and social networks.

To be able to sell the product with its quality label, thus resulting in enhanced visibility and providing consumers with a guarantee and reassurance.

To obtain highly valuable support from others. Every member is different, works differently and interacts simply and enthusiastically. Support is provided both by other members as well as our employees. Visit sessions are held to enable “experienced” members to help the “newbies”.

And also quite simply because we are friendly and you will have a good time with us !

GPGR in a few words

We asked our members to share in a couple of words what GPGR means for them :

  • « Motivation stemming from the group dynamic »
  • « Lots of interaction and pleasure »
  • « The possibility of producing and selling »
  • « It enabled me to stay in business »
  • « Technical input, support with communication and genetics »
  • « Interaction, technical insight, experience, solidarity »
  • « Solidarity, interaction, communication resources, logo »

Joining GPGR…

… does not simply boil down to making the most of what we have to offer, but is also an opportunity to share your knowledge, approach and attitude – difference is a powerful tool;

… enables to play one’s part in the enhancement of a profession that still has plenty of scope for development;

… grants the possibility of getting involved in an active organisation and helping with the development of royal jelly production, bolstering awareness of the product and helping other beekeepers take the first step;

… enables to play a role in this great GPGR venture; and

… also requires you to display willingness, a sense of humour, curiosity to name but a few, with the overarching aim of instilling even more momentum to the organisation !


We asked our members to share their opinion of GPGR – here are their messages :

« Commitment leads to happiness »

« It has provided me with everything (or almost) with regard to my profession as producer and even more from a human standpoint ! »

« We have really varied interaction (royal jelly but not exclusively) and the possibility of participating in numerous projects »

« I like having the opportunity to help young beekeepers enhance their production capacity »

« You get honest and diverse opinions and this proves highly beneficial ! »

« Interaction, rigour, a range of experiences, generosity, solidarity, technical expertise, sharing, support: you get all this at GPGR ! »

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